About Us

About Us

Total Abu Al Bukhoosh (Total ABK), a subsidiary of Total, has been operating since 1974 with the continuous support of ADNOC.

With an objective of developing UAE Nationals workforce in the oil and gas industry, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh joined hands with ADVETI – VEDC (Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute - Vocational Education Development Centre) to establish Total ABK Academy.

The Academy opened in September 2008 with a first intake of UAE Nationals. Each year, a new intake starts in September.

Managed by a multi-national team of oil and gas industry senior professionals.

Vice President “All these years, Total has consistently been committed to supporting the UAE’s efforts towards sustainable development. We prioritize development and empowerment of UAE nationals through our educational and training initiatives to transform them into professionals in the oil and gas industry which is a vital sector of the UAE economy. We hope that Total continues to be the partner of choice in the country’s future needs.”
Sultan Al Hajji [ Vice President & CSO ]
Institutional Development, Total United Arab Emirates
General Manager “Total ABK is producing oil from a very mature field and over the years has evolved as a significant producer of gas and condensate. The company operations are an enriching experience for the UAE national industry professionals seeking career development. The Academy offers an ensured path of professionalism with the strength of training and experience acquired at the Academy as well as on the field.”
Amer Al Shaikh Ali [CEO]
Total ABK
Academy Manager “Our ‘hands on approach’ vocational training provides our apprentices with the fundamental knowledge, practical skills and personal attributes for a progressive career in the ever growing Oil and Gas Industry. Our success is based on the trust and close relationship established with our partner ADVETI-VEDC, ADMA-OPCO, ADOC, Bunduq and the continuous support of ADNOC.”
Jean-Marc Aldebert [ Academy Manager ]
Total ABK


Total ABK – VEDC Academy Location, PO Box 4058, Abu Dhabi / Tel: 02 6986651 / Email: totalabk.academy@total.com